Study Impact vs Planning : COVID-19 Lock-down

Study Impact vs Planning : Corona Lock-down:

As the Novel Coronavirus is spreading worldwide and has kept its foot mark in India also. Our nation is under a lockdown situation. In a result to this, all examinations stand cancelled and notification from the government either on the result or on job notification has been postponed. It is much obvious now that every student is in the same mindset that how to go ahead, how to continue exam preparation in this lockdown period which is a critical situation for each individual of the country. There is a panic everywhere like now what will happen? Will Govt. release any notification, results or will Govt. give some subsidy or relax for exams? Either We should continue our preparation or not? Should we rest and chill for a while?

Ambitious baba comes here with a strict and crystal-clear answer as NO. A big NO! No one should think about stopping their preparation. We, as a team and instructor, will recommend everyone to utilize this situation up to the fullest instead of complaining about it. Be a responsible citizen by locking down yourself and stay at home. In parallel, be an enthusiastic and dedicated student to utilize this and get ready for your big assignments. Make this situation as your opportunity and be relaxed, calm and focused while this pandemic environment. Always remember, nothing is in your hand except your own dedicated effort, so don’t cheat yourself in that. Be a hero – stay at home, prepare at home. Ambitious baba is working here for all students because when these situations will be normal and stabilized there will be several exams with many vacancies lined up and students will have to give all the postponed papers and new exams one after another within a very short span of time. Then students will be running out of time who will ignore the current time. It’s a very simple logic – give nourishment to root of tree by giving them adequate water, sunlight, fertilizer etc. whatever it is required after that you just have to spray water on a daily basis and wait for sweet fruits! Similarly – give your knowledge roots(concepts) with proper nourishment (ambitious baba materials), water (daily practice), fertilizers (ambitious baba capsules) and after that just spray water (daily practice) and get the expected results. 

Either DO it just now or Regret in future for not utilizing this moment! Remember, Tough time don’t last but Tough people do last.

You should not waste your time looking at data and news on different platforms. You should not be panic. If you are inside your house and taking precautions and practicing social distancing, you are absolutely safe. Stop wasting your time by thinking about unnecessary things.

All energy that is getting generated in human body, now-a-days turning out to be negative because of their over thinking. Don’t get hit by that, turn your energy into positive and tight your shoe and start preparation.

What should you do and what should you not?


  • Concentrate on studies.
  • Keep yourself and surrounding clean.
  • Take care of your health.
  • Spend some quality time with your family.


  • Don’t panic.
  • Don’t sleep all day.
  • Don’t watch Netflix, Amazon and videos too much and Most Important Don’t play PuB G.
  • Don’t indulge yourself too much in social media.
  • Don’t gather information about Corona epidemic.

How to concentrate?

In these tough times when there is so much happening around us and we all are surrounded by negativity it is obvious to have concerns and thoughts.

But what to do? How to cope up? How to go through all this?

Just calm and compose yourself. Remember ‘You can and you will’ do anything to achieve your goal.

Whenever you are unable to concentrate just remember why you started preparing in the first place?

Just think like that, you are in a race and you can stop and rest but others will not and they will go past you.

Keep in mind that many are studying and working hard to achieve the same goal, if you will not you will be left behind.

And also, the exams are going to be conducted, not now but it will surely happen soon and one after another. The exams are not going to wait for you.

What should be your approach?

Make your own study plan: If you are a newcomer, starting from scratch. Begin from the start. Go through your syllabus once. Write down all the topics of all the subjects in which you are weak in a notebook and assign time to each of the topics and in that time, you practice on that topic. Give one or two Mock tests. It will also help you in recognizing your strengths and weaknesses.

And if you are preparing for a while, don’t stop and relax. Don’t think that this is some type of vacation. Revise and practice regularly. Otherwise you will be left behind. (All topic wise PDF available ,FREE)

Learn and practice new and left out Topics: You would have so many topics that you have thought of 3-4 days before the exam that if you had more time left you would have prepared better or you would have the topics that take loads of time to complete like GA/GS sections PYPs etc. Then, this is the time to complete all the backlogs when you have all the time.

Make your “Time” count. There is nothing you cannot do.

Give Mock Tests regularly:

Mock Tests are an important part of the preparation. It gives you exposure to different kinds of questions and helps you analyze your strengths and weaknesses. It will also help you in time management and help you prepare for the real exam.

You don’t have to step out of your house to do all this. You can take help from online study channels for study materials.

Keep in mind that this is a golden opportunity for everyone who is aspiring to get a job as soon as possible but you should know how to utilize this time.

Just try to manage your time. These things are simple to say but difficult to follow but all that you need to do is control and calm your mind.

Other than that you have to take care of yourself and your family also. (All topic wise Mock available)

All The Best!

Keep Studying

Team AB

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