The Hindu Editorial Analysis: 17th October 2022

The Hindu Editorial Analysis:

The Hindu is now synonymous with civil services aspirants. What brought on this cult readership?

We all are aware of the importance of reading The Hindu newspaper with the aspect of improving reading ability, easily comprehending paragraphs, getting updated with the current events, improving essay writing and many more. For a banking aspirant it becomes necessary to read editorials for vocabulary. In this article we are going to discuss the points of today’s editorials with practice questions and important vocabs.

Fuel to the fire.

  • The United Kingdom is fast becoming an example for how bad politics can lead to even worse economics.
  • Liz Truss, the Prime Minister of the UK , once seen as a new hope for breathing life back into the sinking fortunes of the UK.
  • Boris Johnson the previous leader of the conservative party squandered the goodwill of success with the Covid-19 vaccine program and embarrassed Downing Street with the party gate scandal.
  • Now,Ms.Truss is in her party members’ crosshairs after foisting a disastrous set of economic policy proposals on the country.
  • The economy of the country was already shuddering under the weight of global developments impacting energy prices, inflation and economic activity.
  • Lack of coherent long-term strategy ,flipflops,U-turns for economic stability and growth have marred what little merit there might have been in her advocacy of policies to transform the UK into a low cost,high growth economy.
  • The questionable, doctrinaire ideas at the heart of the Truss government’s missteps,win in its worst moments the Bank of England (BOE) to step in with a £65bn emergency bond buying products to stabilize gilts and the cost government borrowing ,stem from her campaign promise to cut taxes extensively.
  • The cost of this ill-timed fiscal foray was severe.
  • The proposal of Ms.Truss and erstwhile Chancellor of the Exchequer ,Kwasi Kwarteng ,to abolish the 45% top rate of income tax on incomes of £150,000 or higher ,raised eyebrows.
  • Far from being the leader who could extricate the Conservative party from its Shambolic,scandal-ridden image,Ms.Truss has likely added the label of ‘incompetence’ to the tory governance image.For her poor performance,her time on Downing Street may draw to close sooner than she expected.

Practice Questions:

  • How UK’s bad politics is leading to a worse economy?
  • What is the proposal of Ms.Truss?
  • Why is the economy of the country shuddering under the weight of global developments?

Important Vocabs:

  • Shudder-suddenly shake hard because of an unpleasant feeling.
  • Incompetence- lack of ability to do something.
  • Gilts- a thin covering of gold
  • Doctrinaire- seeking to impose doctrine in all circumstances without regard to practical considerations.
  • Foisting- impose an unwelcome
  • Squander- to waste time or money.

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