The Hindu Editorial Analysis : 8th June 2023

The Hindu Editorial Analysis

The Importance of Reading The Hindu Editorial: Reading The Hindu newspaper has several benefits, including improving reading skills, facilitating comprehension, staying informed of current events, enhancing essay writing, and more. For individuals aiming for a career in banking, reading editorials is crucial for vocabulary building. In this article, we will examine today’s editorials, provide practice questions, and highlight important vocabulary words.

The Hindu is now synonymous with civil services aspirants. What brought on this cult readership?

Come to a conclusion.

● The Law Commission’s recommendation that the offense of sedition be retained in penal law, albeit with some safeguards, flies in the face of current judicial and political thinking that the country may not need this colo- nial vestige any more.

● Section 124A of the IPC, which describes sedition, seeks to punish speech or writing that brings or tries to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or tries to excite disaffec tion towards, the government established by law.

● Its validity was upheld by the Supreme Court as far back as 1962, but with the reservation that it would be a constitutionally permissible restriction on free speech, only if the offense was restricted to words that had a tendency to incite violence or cause public disorder.

● However, legal experts have pointed out that the panel’s report fails to consider how far free speech jurisprudence has traveled since then.

● While keeping pending sedition cases in abeyance last year, the Court had observed that “the rigors of Section 124A of IPC are not in tune with the current social milieu”.

● The Union government, too, had decided to reexamine and reconsider the provision. The time has come to consider the provision in the light of recent principles to test the validity of any restriction on fundamental rights, especially free speech.

● Given its overbroad nature, the sedition definition may not survive such scrutiny.

● The Commission has sought to address two concerns usually raised about sedition: its rampant misuse and its relevance to the present day.

● It has repeated the hackneyed argument that a law’s misuse is no ground to withdraw it. However, what it has failed to consider is that its very existence on the statute affords great scope for its unjustified use, often with deliberate intent to suppress dissent and imprison critics. It is doubtful if a mere prior sanction requirement, as mooted in the report, or a mandatory preliminary probe, will lead to fewer sedition cases.

● Further, the panel has argued that the fact that something is a colonial-era provision is no ground to discard it.

● It has justified the need to keep sedition on the penal statute by citing the various extremist and separatist movements and tendencies in the country, as well as the “ever-proliferating role of social media in propagating radicalisation”.

● This may not be a sufficient reason to retain it, as divisive propaganda, incitement to violence and imputations affecting social harmony can be curbed by other penal provisions.

● In fact, an effective legal framework against hate speech is what is needed more than one to penalize speech or writing that targets the government. Notwithstanding the report, the government should consider the repeal of the provision.

Practice Questions:

● What are the two concerns that the commission had sought to resolve?
● What does the IPC section 124A describe?
● What was the recommendation of the Law Commission?

Important Vocabs:

● Abeyance- a state of temporary disuse or suspension
● Penalize- to punish somebody for breaking a law
● Curbed- to limit or control something
● Imputate- charge or claim that someone has done something undesirable
● Vestige- small part of something that is left after the rest of it has gone
● Incite- encourage somebody to do something by making him/her very angry or excited

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