The Hindu Editorial VOCAB : 18th February 2020

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB : 18th February 2020

In this competitive world, ‘Vocabulary‘ plays a vital role in every exam. Banking , Railway, Insurance, SSC and other Government exams so here We provides you The Hindu Vocabulary on daily basis to enhance vocabulary power and helps you in your preparation for Govt job.

  1. VITUPERATE (VERB):(निंदा करना

Synonyms: accuse, blame

Antonyms: exonerate, exculpate

Example: Tanisri dutta Vituperated Nana patekar for his misconduct.

  1. TURPITUDE (NOUN): (भ्रष्टता)

Synonyms: corruption, criminality

Antonyms: decency, morality

Example: Rahul was sentenced to life in prison for the acts of turpitude he committed.

  1. UNCTUOUS (ADJECTIVE): (चापलूस)

Synonyms: buttery, smarmy

Antonyms: blunt, genuine

Example: Pooja considers her boss unctuous.

4. HOOK (VERB): (जकड़ना)

Synonyms: clasp, lock

Antonyms: release, unhitch

Example: Rajan hooked a big fish.

  1. FRET (VERB): (चिढ़ना

Synonyms: agonize, bother

Antonyms: please, delight

Example: Alpa was always fretting about something or the other.

  1. FERMENT (VERB): (उत्तेजित करना)

Synonyms: frenzy, storm

Antonyms: calm, peace

Example: The Apex court was in a state of ferment.

  1. SUPERVENE (VERB):(पीछे आना)

Synonyms: chase, pursue

Antonyms: precede, retreat

Example: First of all Alpa did the honours then everybody supervened.


  1. REPROACH (NOUN):(तिरस्कार)

Synonyms: blame, censure

Antonyms: compliment, praise

Example: Rajan gave her a look of reproach.


  1. LAURELS (NOUN): (ख्याति)

Synonyms: accolade, praise

Antonyms: blame, disapproval

Example: A soldier won his laurels in the battle field.

  1. ABRADE (VERB):(कुरेदना)

Synonyms: chafe, grate

Antonyms: make happy, please

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