The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  3rd December 2022

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  3rd December 2022

Vocabulary forms the most important aspect of many competitive exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams. So here We provide you with The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to enhance vocab power and help you in your preparation for various examinations.


  1. Savvy (noun)

Meaning: shrewdness and practical knowledge; the ability to make good judgments. (सामान्य बुद्धि)

Synonyms: shrewdness, astuteness, sharp-wittedness

Antonyms: foolish, dumb, silly

Sentence: She’s an excellent scholar of political science, but lacks the kind of savvy needed to run for public office.

  1. Domineering (adj.)

Meaning: asserting one’s will over another in an arrogant way. (अत्याचारी)

Synonyms: browbeat, bully, intimidate

Antonyms: humble, meek, modest

Sentence: Many of her women friends also had domineering husbands.

  1. Desiccate (verb)

Meaning: remove the moisture from (something); cause to become completely dry. (सूखना)

Synonyms: dried, dried up, dehydrated

Antonyms: hydrate, wash, water

Sentence: The bricks were desiccated by the sun.

  1. Arson (noun)

Meaning: the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to property. (आगजनी)

Synonyms: incendiarism, pyromania, firebombing

Sentence: The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but investigators suspect arson.

  1. Stratification (noun)

Meaning: the arrangement or classification of something into different groups. (श्रेणीविभाजन)

Synonyms: categorization, categorizing, classifying

Sentence: She was concerned about the stratification of American society.

  1. Flouted (verb)

Meaning: openly disregard (a rule, law or convention). (उल्लंघन)

Synonyms: defy, refuse to obey, disdain

Antonyms: accepted, approved

Sentence: The union had openly flouted the law.

  1. Finesse (noun)

Meaning: intricate and refined delicacy. (चालाकी)

Synonyms: skill, subtlety, expertise

Antonyms: inadequacy, incompetence, ineptitude

Sentence: He is a true believer, but sadly lacks finesse.

  1. Travesty (noun)

Meaning: a false, absurd, or distorted representation of something. (हास्य जनक अनुकरण)

Synonyms: misrepresentation, distortion, perversion

Antonyms: applause, commendation

Sentence: The trial was a travesty of justice.

  1. Redound (verb)

Meaning: contribute greatly to (a person’s credit or honor). (सहायता देना)

Synonyms: contribute to, result in, conduce to

Sentence: Her success will redound to the fame of University.

  1. Toil (noun)

Meaning: work extremely hard or incessantly. (कठिन परिश्रम)

Synonyms: work hard, labor, drudgery

Antonyms: relax, repose, rest

Sentence: If you want knowledge, you must toil for it.

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