SBI PO 2019 Mains GA Analysis : Directly from AB Capsule

SBI PO Mains GA Section Analysis, “26 questions  from Ambitious Baba GA Power Capsule”


  • Railways – 65,587 Crs (Page No-31 Budget topic)
  • ‘Mukhyamantri Yuva Swabhiman Yojana’ (MP)- Guarantees 100 days of employment every year to urban youth from Economically Weaker Sections(EWS). (Page No- 40 Schme chapter)
  • World Bank $ 400M -The World Bank and the Government of India signed a loan agreement of $400 Million for the Program Towards Elimination of Tuberculosis(TB), which kills approximately half a million people in India every year. The program will cover nine States of India (Page No- 42 Loan chapter)
  • BSE signed an agreement with HDFC Bank § Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Asia’s oldest exchange has signed an agreement with HDFC Bank to spread more awareness about the benefits of listing startups as well as to strengthen BSE startup platform (Page No- 64 Agreement Topic)
  • HDFC Bank ranked No. 1 in India by the survey of Forbes On 12th April 2019, as per the first edition of Forbes World’s Best Bank survey, HDFC Bank has been recognized as number 1 bank by customers in India. (Page No-103)
  • Bank of Maharashtra and M1Xchange join hands for MSME bill discounting State-owned Bank of Maharashtra (BoM) has partnered with M1Xchange TReDSplatform for Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises(MSMEs) bill discounting.Trade Receivables Discounting System (TreDS) is a digital platform to assist MSMEs to get their bills financed at a competitive rate through a vendue where multiple registered financiers can participate.   (Page No- 105)
  • World Bank and CBA joined hands for World’s first Blockchain Bond Transaction International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD, World Bank) in partnership with Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) enabled recording of secondary market bond trading using blockchain technology. With this, Bond-i become the first bond whose issuance and trading is recorded on a blockchain platform. (Page No- 109)
  • FY19 According to Crisil Ratings (formerly Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited) report, in the year 2018-19, Rs 70,000 crore bad loans were recovered through the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) with a recovery rate of 43 percent in 94 cases. The IBC has recovered bad loans two times the Rs 35,500 crore through previous resolution mechanisms like Debt Recovery Tribunal and Lok Adalat. Ø Repo-l
  • Virat Kohli and Smriti Mandhana as the Leading male and female cricketer of the year 2019 respectively (Page- 134)
  • 20th March International Day of Happiness International Day of Happiness 2019 is ‘Happier Together’. (Page No-138)
  • Under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)  complement the Rs. 1 lakh

GA Questions Asked in SBI PO Mains 2019

  1. Summer University Games Winner 100 m?- Dutee Chand
  2. Ceat Cricketer of the year Virat Kohli (Capsule)
  3. Jalamrutha Scheme is of which state?- Karnataka
  4. RBI App to complain against banks and NDFC?- CMS Capsule)
  5. Project Sangam by?- Microsoft
  6. Rank of India in World Happiness Index?- 140 (Capsule)
  7. Plan Bee by which railway?- Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR)
  8. mukhya mantri yuva swabhi maan yojana?- MP state Capsule)
  9. 2nd Indian City in India in UNESCO World Heritage Site?- Jaipur Capsule)
  10. Abhijit Gupta related to which sports?- Chess
  11. Total subscription of Pradhan Mantri Ujjawala Yojana?- 72 million Capsule)
  12. BSE Signed MOU with which  bank to strengthen its platform?- HDFC Capsule)
  13. Which Bank along with commonwealth bank of Australia is the first in blockchain transaction?- World Bank Capsule)
  14. India’s best bank according to Forbes?- HDFC Capsule)
  15. Total amount to be infused into PSBs in FY2020?- Rs 70,000 crores Capsule)
  16. 1st woman pilot to cross Atlantic Ocean in a light Aircraft?- Aarohi Pandit
  17. Center for Disablity of Sports in which state?- MP Capsule)
  18. Which bank has signed agreement with Kerala for USD 230 mn for disaster recovery?  World Bank Capsule)
  19. New Arm of ISRO?- NewSpace India Limited (NSIL) Capsule)
  20. Which research Organisation launched PINAKA Satellite?- DRDO Capsule)
  21. Portal for Banks for priority sector lending shortfall information? –
  22. Who can invest in Soverign Gold Bond along with trust, HUF and indiividuals? RBI Capsule)
  23. Best Company to work for in India?- Flipkart Capsule)
  24. Receivable exchange india ltd is a joint venture between? – SIDBI and NSE Capsule)
  25. World Happiness Day theme?- Happiness Together Capsule)
  26. Wings for Woman  launched by which Insurance Company?- Aviva Capsule)
  27. Bond-i launched by?- World Bank
  28. 400Million dollar alloted to India by which organisation?-World Bank to eliminate TB Capsule)
  29. CEAT- emerging player for the year Rishabh Pant (India) Capsule)
  30. full form of NCLAT?  National Company Law Appellate Tribunal
  31. Corporation Formed for long term investment in budget?
  32. PMJDY AC Deposit amount reached about? Rs 1 lakh crore Capsule)
  33. Yes Bank ka deputy head by RBI- R Gandhi (Capsule)
  34. Railways has received a budgetary allocation of?- Rs 65,837 crore (Capsule)
  35. Which bank has partnered with M1Xchange Trade Receivables Discounting System (TReDS) platform for MSME bill discounting?- Bank of Maharashtra Capsule)
  36. Committee Head on Wholesale Price Index?- Ramesh Chand
  37. Modal Village in which country with help of India?- Sri Lanka
  38. LPG Returns topped by which state?  – Maharashtra
  39. RBI has finalised 3 year roadmap Project UTKARSH For?- improving regulation and supervision Capsule)
  40. RBI committee on housing finance securitisation market head?- Dr. Harsh Vardhan


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SBI PO MAINS Exam Analysis, Review & Questions Asked : 20th July 2019


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