The Hindu Editorial Analysis : 29th March 2023

The Hindu Editorial Analysis

The Importance of Reading The Hindu Editorial: Reading The Hindu newspaper has several benefits, including improving reading skills, facilitating comprehension, staying informed of current events, enhancing essay writing, and more. For individuals aiming for a career in banking, reading editorials is crucial for vocabulary building. In this article, we will examine today’s editorials, provide practice questions, and highlight important vocabulary words.

The Hindu is now synonymous with civil services aspirants. What brought on this cult readership?

Founding ideals.

  • In her first and customary republic day address to the nation,President Draupadi Murmu reiterated the founding ideals of the republic on the eve of the 74th anniversary of the adoption of its constitution.
  • As the first tribal woman to occupy the highest office in the country, the 15th President of India is emblematic of the republic’s continuing journey of democracy, pluralism and empowerment of weaker sections.
  • The values of fraternity and democracy that its founding leaders etched into the genetic makeup of the modern nation were derived from the learnings of an ancient civilization.
  • Murmu underscored this quality of the republic– the amalgamation of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern.
  • A unified and unifying struggle against British imperialism ,as the President noted, was “as much about winning independence as about rediscovering our own ideals”.
  • Ms Murmu laid emphasis on the “escence of India” –which profound and predictable at  once.
  • “We have succeededbecause so many creeds and so many languages have not divided us, they have only united us.”
  • A commitment to this creed has sustained the modern nation, and the long and ancient civilisation that evolved and reformed over millennia.
  • It can be argued that the Republic is continuously in formation, as thoughts and ideas emerge. As new ambitions inspire the country,some foundational principles must remain the timeless codes for survival and success.
  • Murmu’s address reiterated those, while celebrating India’s successes in various fields, particularly the economy.
  • While noting India’s emergence as an influential leader in global affairs, she underscored the principles of Sarvodaya and Atmanirbhar Bharat— uplift of all, and self reliance —which are guiding the government as they have the earlier ones.
  • Oppression and debilitating poverty continue to shackle vast sections, and India must constantly remember this fact, and certainly on occasions when it reflects on its progress.

Practice Questions:

  • What was the address given by the President?
  • By what things we should not divide us?

Important Vocabs:

  • Dibilitate- to make somebody’s body or mind weaker
  • Reiterate- to repeat an opinion, statement, etc
  • Emblematic- serving as a symbol of a particular quality or concept;
  • Etched- made by or subjected to etching.
  • Shackle- one of a pair of metal rings connected with a chain put around a prisoner’s wrists or ankles


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