The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  3rd June 2022

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  3rd June 2022

Vocabulary is an essential part of almost every competitive exam. It is crucial to strengthen your word power to gain accuracy in the English language section. So here We provide you with The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to increase vocab power and help you in your preparation for many exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Veered (verb)

Meaning: change direction suddenly. (मुड़ गई)

Synonyms: change direction, sheer, twist

Antonyms: straightened

Sentence: Without warning the car veered to the left and into an oncoming truck.

  1. Effrontery (noun)

Meaning: insolent or impertinent behavior. (गुस्ताख़ी)

Synonyms: impudence, impertinence, audacity

Antonyms: civility, courtesy, gentility

Sentence: One juror had the effrontery to challenge the coroner’s decision.

  1. Grotesque (adj.)

Meaning: comically or repulsively ugly or distorted. (विचित्र)

Synonyms: malformed, deformed, strange

Antonyms: impressive, pretty, ravishing

Sentence: That bloody Halloween mask is grotesque.

  1. Impeccable (adj.)

Meaning: (of behavior, performance, or appearance) in accordance with the highest standards of propriety; faultless. (निर्दोष)

Synonyms: flawless, faultless, unblemished

Antonyms: amiss, guilty, sinful

Sentence: The head of the investigation must be a person of impeccable probity and honesty.

  1. Maunder (verb)

Meaning: talk in a rambling manner. (गुनगुनाना)

Synonyms: ramble, prattle, prate

Sentence: The drunk sat there maundering about his troubles.

  1. Sever (verb)

Meaning: divide by cutting or slicing, especially suddenly and forcibly. (अलग करना)

Synonyms: cut off, chop off, lop off

Antonyms: join, link, unite

Sentence: She wanted to sever all her connections with the firm.

  1. Ruffians (noun)

Meaning: a violent person, especially one involved in crime. (बदमाश)

Synonyms: thug, roughneck, scoundrel

Antonyms: moral, decent, virtuous

Sentence: A gang of ruffians preying upon people who ventured into that section of town.

  1. Scathing (adj.)

Meaning: witheringly scornful; severely critical. (दुष्ट)

Synonyms: devastating, withering, blistering

Antonyms: amusing, droll, gentle

Sentence: Her speech was a scathing indictment of the government’s record on crime.

  1. Deft (adj.)

Meaning: accomplished with a trained ability (निपुण)

Synonyms: adroit, artful, dexterous

Antonyms: amateur, unprofessional, unskillful

Sentence: He’s very deft at handling awkward situations.

  1. Perusal (noun)

Meaning: the action of reading or examining something. (अध्ययन)

Synonyms: reading, scrutiny, inspection

Antonyms: ignorance, neglect,

Sentence: I continued my perusal of the instructions.

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