The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  6th January 2023

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB:  6th January 2023

Vocabulary is a must for candidates appearing in any competitive examination. So here we bring you The Hindu Vocab on daily basis to increase vocab power and help you in your preparation for many exams like Banking, Railway, Insurance, SSC, and other Government exams.


  1. Pleasantry (noun)

Meaning: an act or utterance that is a customary show of good manners (हाव-भाव)

Synonyms: gesture, courtesy, politeness

Sentence: “How are you” is merely a social pleasantry.

  1. Parole (noun)

Meaning: permission given to a prisoner to leave prison before the end of a sentence usually as a reward for behaving well (जेल से बहार आने की अनुमत्ति)

Synonyms: amnesty, pardon, exoneration

Antonyms: conviction, assessment, charge

Sentence: The prisoner will be eligible for parole after three years.

  1. Quelling (verb)

Meaning: put an end to (a rebellion or other disorder), typically by the use of force. (अंत कर देना)

Synonyms: end, finish, put down

Antonyms: assisting, aiding

Sentence: Soldiers were sent in to quell the riots.

  1. Boomeranged (verb)

Meaning: (of a plan or action) return to the originator, often with negative consequences. (प्रतिक्षेप)

Synonyms: reverse, rebound, backfired

Antonyms: succeeded, flourished

Sentence: The plan boomeranged when they were trapped instead of their victim.

  1. Libel (noun)

Meaning: a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; written defamation. (निंदलेख)

Synonyms: defamation, misrepresentation, vilification

Antonyms: praise, respect, commendation

Sentence: The governor’s office issued a statement accusing the state’s largest newspaper of libel.

  1. Pursuance (noun)

Meaning: the carrying out of a plan or action. (अनुसरण)

Synonyms: implementation, carrying out, fulfillment

Antonyms: non-performance, nonfulfillment

Sentence: They may need to borrow money in pursuance of their legal action.

  1. Redundancy (noun)

Meaning: the state of being not or no longer needed or useful. (बेकार)

Synonyms: futile, purposeless, useless

Sentence: It is absurd to be discussing compulsory redundancy policies for teachers.

  1. Transpired (verb)

Meaning: as in happened; to take place (घटित होना)

Synonyms: happen, occur, take place

Sentence: Exactly what transpired remains unknown.

  1. Utterance (noun)

Meaning: a spoken word, statement, or vocal sound. (कथन)

Synonyms: remark, comment, word

Sentence: The speaker had great powers of utterance.

  1. Pontificating (verb)

Meaning: express one’s opinions in a way considered annoyingly pompous and dogmatic. (व्याख्या करना)

Synonyms: expound, declaim, preach

Antonyms: humble, lowly, modest

Sentence: Politicians like to pontificate about falling standards.

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